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A very merry Christmas it was indeed

The holidays are over and we’re already in the middle of January. After spending the last two Christmases in Ireland myself and the little one were in for a treat this year. The month of December is so full of traditions and a time I miss my Swiss home the most. So it was with […]

… a little London living

One of the first things I learnt when moving to Ireland is, that if you’re Irish you leave Dublin for Paddy’s day. The parade is less than exciting and come 2 o’clock the whole town is swamped with drunks and all the smells they come with. There’s normally great festivities all over the country but […]

The hills are alive with the sound of wedding bells

Yes you read right. This weekend Chris and I were in Salzburg for a wedding. Salzburg is the town where the van Trapps saved their lives by singingly walking over the mountains to Switzerland. At least that’s how the movie and musical “the sound of music” portraits it. My aunt has been living in Salzburg […]

Wind in the sails or three days in Norwhich

Last weekend Chris and I went over to England to visit my sister in law and her boyfriend. They’ve recently moved in with each other which meansĀ  no more student flat sharing and hence a guest room for us. I like!! As the weekend before Halloween is a bank holiday weekend in Ireland it means […]

London 2012

I’ve always loved the Olympics. Even though my sports ambitions never brought anywhere near a level to compete even on a national level. It’s just a magical time of three weeks dedicated to sports be it summer or winter. There’s a special spirit about it and I was absolutely over the moon to get a […]

Exciting weekend plans

If you “follow” me on facebook or Instagramm you obviously know this already but for everybody else: CHRIS AND I ARE GOING TO THE OLYMPICS!! Yes I know. Sooo exciting. But it gets better. We have tickets for Crosscountry day. For non riders, that’s where crazy people jump massive jumps made from natural material so […]

Holidays at home

Time flies, it’s unreal. But I guess it’s a good complaint cause it means I’m busy and I like being busy. It’s already over a week since I’m back from Switzerland and my travel report is well overdue. I’ve decided to just let some picture speak for the fab time I’ve had… of course with […]