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The Story of Bananaman – Part #2

So I believe I still owe you guys this one. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you can read Part #1 here. My first few years in Ireland we lived in a fantastic apartment in the city centre. But both Chris and myself were dreaming of a house in the country with a […]

A very merry Christmas it was indeed

The holidays are over and we’re already in the middle of January. After spending the last two Christmases in Ireland myself and the little one were in for a treat this year. The month of December is so full of traditions and a time I miss my Swiss home the most. So it was with […]

Still here :)

Just thought I’d let you all know that yes I’m still here. The last few weeks have both been busy and quiet. So I’ve taken a little break from social media to catch up on things and spend time with my little family. So here’s a quick recap of what’s been going on: After the […]

a walk down memory lane

When I originally moved to Ireland I started working as an agency nurse. It basically means you’re sent wherever they’re short and need someone to help out for the day. In my second or third week of working for the agency, I was sent to St. Bricins Military Hospital. Yep – you read that right. […]

TIMBER: I’m back in the saddle

Last weekend was the October Bank Holiday weekend which means Chris was off on Monday. Yay. I love a long weekend and it was perfect timing because after all the family shenanigans (see last post) we could definitely do with a bit of extra time to catch up on ourselves. Here’s what we’ve been up […]

10 days of family madness

Being part of a big family is great. Being married to someone who is part of a big family is just as great. And when both families get on like a house on fire well then that’s just the best thing ever. Over the last 10 days we had between 2 and 20 people over to […]

A Little Autumn Greeting

Autumn is hands down my absolute favourite season of the year. I love how the leaves change colours, I love how the sun has a golden glow, I love it when mist and fog lies low over the fields in the morning, yes I even love it when it’s stormy and windy. Autumn is the […]