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A very merry Christmas it was indeed

The holidays are over and we’re already in the middle of January. After spending the last two Christmases in Ireland myself and the little one were in for a treat this year. The month of December is so full of traditions and a time I miss my Swiss home the most. So it was with […]

Erstens kommt es anders – zweitens als man denkt

Things often don’t turn out as planned – sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. I had this post done out perfectly in my head. I knew which pictures I was gonna take during the day and what I wanted to write. I was gonna have a lovely breakfast in Dublin, get my […]

Quilting in South Africa

My parents have been living in South Africa for the last two years due to my dad’s job. My mum doesn’t have a work visa and they’re pretty impossible to get so in order to pass time productively she has started to teach herself to quilt. She has always sewn things for herself and for […]

TIMBER: I’m back in the saddle

Last weekend was the October Bank Holiday weekend which means Chris was off on Monday. Yay. I love a long weekend and it was perfect timing because after all the family shenanigans (see last post) we could definitely do with a bit of extra time to catch up on ourselves. Here’s what we’ve been up […]

10 days of family madness

Being part of a big family is great. Being married to someone who is part of a big family is just as great. And when both families get on like a house on fire well then that’s just the best thing ever. Over the last 10 days we had between 2 and 20 people over to […]

busy times

Just a quick note to say that things are quite busy at the moment and the blog will therefore be a little quiet. My sister with husband and 10 month old baby boy have arrived on Friday and will stay until Sunday when we’re having Ciaran’s christening. There will be more family arriving on Saturday […]

Weekend with grandma

Last weekend my grandma came to visit us. This was huge!! My grandma had been looking after my granddad for the last couple of years. He was suffering from severe chronic cardiac disease and towards the end he required pretty much full nursing care. Needless to say he hasn’t been fit enough to travel in […]