A Swiss girl exploring life in general but mainly in Ireland with a constantly growing shoe collection, a never ceasing optimism and a passion for horses, fashion and anything dancing.

Currently embracing country life in County Meath with my handsome husband, our beautiful son, two crazy cats and two lovely horses.



  1. Rita Garrard · · Reply

    HI nicole Ihavejust discovered your facebook entries, and have loved them all I know now they are letters on world web Gt. continue them love to you and Chris

    1. Well gran I’m delighted you’re enjoying my posts. I do like writing them and I think it’s a great way to let my friends and family abroad know what’s happening in the Irish corner. Lots of love back

  2. Hello, Nicole! it’s so great to have stumbled upon your blog! 🙂 ~ Diana

    1. hello Diana I’m glad you enjoy it. Nothing spectacular – just little updates of my everyday life!

  3. Mary Woodworth Boyd · · Reply

    I loved reading the eulogies as I could not make the funeral. I love that he and you have had such a wonderful life together; not a moment wasted. Chris will always be in your heart.

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