For the Love of Vintage and Secondhand

I looooove shopping. Any type of shopping really. But what I love most is leaving the main street shops behind and find those little boutiques, vintage stalls and secondhand shops. When I moved to Ireland I discovered a particular gem called Siopaella. A small consignment store run by Ella that was sharing it’s premises with another secondhand shop in temple bar. I bought a pair of Jasper Conran heels and from then on the collection has only grown. Five years later they have now 3 shops and are still my first stop for every occasion. The staff are fantastic, honest, stylish girls and get as much joy out of finding the perfect piece for you as you do. I owe them for many a fantastic bargain outfit and feel it’s time they get a post dedicated to them. What better way to do this than by sharing pictures of some of the gems I’ve accumulated over the years! Most of the dresses and shoes were under 100 Euro bar maybe one or two. So really affordable and you can generally be sure that no one else is gonna wear the same thing.

\\ Spotlight by Warehouse dress paired with Betty Barclay shoes and a Guess handbag (all Siopaella) \\


\\ Nocturne grey silk dress with beading and low back\\


\\ Heidi Higgins dress with Fiorelli bag (both Siopaella) and old Limelight heels upcycled with nail polish and a broche \\

Yes you read that right – nail polish. A very simple and cheap way to spruce up old heels. I had three different pinks and literally just painted the heels – a glitter top coat over the lot and you got yourselves a new pair of shoes. The broche was part of a Joules T-Shirt that was lying around and I just pinned it to the side.


\\ BCBG Max Azria dress \\

I bought that dress as a plan B for our wedding dance. In the end I made one myself so I wore this one the night before the wedding. Happy memories!


\\ Katy Rodriguez dress once paired with Louboutin heels and once with Karen Millen sandals (all Siopaella) \\

Definitely my best bargains. The dress is straight from the runway, was worn by some actress (who I’ve never heard of. But hey – you can’t be picky) on the red carpet and retailed at 1900$. The Louboutins were originally 870 Euros. I don’t remember the exact numbers (I bought them on separate occasions a long time ago) but I definitely paid less than 500 for both of them together. So far I got two wears out of the dress and both times I got AMAZING reactions.


\\ Hunters & Gatherers dress with golden L.K. Bennett heels (both Siopaella) \\

Not the best pictures. This is a real unusual dress. It looks weird on the hanger and I just tried it on cause I was curious. Well turned out it’s different, fun and looks great on. I wore it to Chris’ sisters 21st birthday and the gala night at the SRNC Romania.


\\ Nanette Lepore dress with Betty Barclay heels \\

Feminine, flattering, silky and flowy – what else do you want?


\\ Arthur Galan dress paired with a Love Rosa jacket (both Siopaella) \\

I bought this dress for a wedding in Sweden when I was fairly pregnant. So it’s actually a size 16 and I altered it to fit my slightly bigger than normal state. The jacket I bought ages ago and it just happened to be a perfect a match for the dress.


\\ Accessories \\

Just some of the shoes and bags I got over the years… yes there are more 🙂


Now I’m a full believer in “sharing is caring” so if you have an event coming up, are stuck for a dress and fancy borrowing one of mine (and are living in Ireland – as otherwise it might be a bit difficult logistically) just shout!! If you’re ever out and about in Temple Bar do go and check out Siopaella. I promise you won’t be disappointed.



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