Still here :)

Just thought I’d let you all know that yes I’m still here. The last few weeks have both been busy and quiet. So I’ve taken a little break from social media to catch up on things and spend time with my little family. So here’s a quick recap of what’s been going on:

After the craziness that was my graduation day Chris was in hospital for a full week. Spending seven days home alone with the chappy was tougher than I thought. Let’s just say I have a whole new respect for single mums! Then Chris was home for a week but still fairly wrecked. So we took it easy, stayed in, watched plenty of telly and enjoyed our time together.


winter walks around Timoole

Last week Chris was back at work and I’ve started working off the To Do list that is about the length of my arm 🙂 We spent the weekend down in Tipperary with Chris’ parents and it was absolutely lovely. The chappy was very settled and didn’t mind the new environment at all which is good to know.


So this week I’m slowly finding back into my routine, am still working on the To Do List (for every item I tick off there’s about another two added), have started the Christmas shopping (exageration of the week – I’ve bought one present) and the decorating. So all good on this side of the tunnel! Hope you’re all enjoying advent and those lovely weeks leading up to Christmas and make sure to wind down rather than stressing over little things.




  1. Ruth van Marle-Girod · · Reply

    Liebe Nicole zum Glück läuft bei euch alles wieder einigermassen normal.Ein wunderschönes Adventsgesteckt lässt du uns sehen.Kuss vom Grossmami

    1. Dankeschoen. Es gefaellt mir auch. Einfach und stilvoll!! Bis schon sehr bald. Gruss und Kuss

  2. So glad to hear that things are settling down a bit, even as the season speeds up some. But, I can feel how grounded and intentional you are. Sending you so much love and peace. xoxo

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