Week #2 of my Month of Gatherings

Here’s the second instalment of the Belovelive photo challenge (Read about it here and here). I missed out on two pictures this week as Friday and Saturday were just so crazy and manic I wasn’t in the right frame of mind. But I’m determined to get all seven shots this week!!

// 8 ~ Slow Life //


“Behind closed eyes where not a single ray of light can puncture through the night

// 9 ~ Lead me Home //


“Lead me on my way, lead me home, lead me home”

// 10 ~ Home //


“Home my home, and these dreams of you, are all that comfort me, the thought of going home”

// 11 ~ Harvest March //


“There’s a song that we heard in the distance”

// 12 ~ Simplicity //


“I like to celebrate simplicity”



  1. I absolutely missed two days too – the weekend. But, I’m back on track now too. So glad to be sharing this journey with you! xx

    1. Hah – that makes me feel less bad so 🙂 I’m really enjoying it. Pity there aren’t more people taking part because they are really good songs to take pictures to!! xx

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