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Week #2 of my Month of Gatherings

Here’s the second instalment of the Belovelive photo challenge (Read about it here and here). I missed out on two pictures this week as Friday and Saturday were just so crazy and manic I wasn’t in the right frame of mind. But I’m determined to get all seven shots this week!! // 8 ~ Slow Life […]

Erstens kommt es anders – zweitens als man denkt

Things often don’t turn out as planned – sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. I had this post done out perfectly in my head. I knew which pictures I was gonna take during the day and what I wanted to write. I was gonna have a lovely breakfast in Dublin, get my […]

a walk down memory lane

When I originally moved to Ireland I started working as an agency nurse. It basically means you’re sent wherever they’re short and need someone to help out for the day. In my second or third week of working for the agency, I was sent to St. Bricins Military Hospital. Yep – you read that right. […]

The story of Bananaman – Part #1

Once there was a little boy called Eric. His best friend was a crow who would bring him bananas. And eating those bananas would give him superpowers … … but of course that’s not the Bananaman I’m talking about. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to ride horses. My mum still says […]

Week #1 of My Month of Gatherings

The first week of the “My Month of Gatherings” photo challenge is up (you can read about it here) and as promised I’m gonna share my pictures here for all those of you who don’t have Instagram. The first song is instrumental only but for all the other songs I picked a line of the […]

Quilting in South Africa

My parents have been living in South Africa for the last two years due to my dad’s job. My mum doesn’t have a work visa and they’re pretty impossible to get so in order to pass time productively she has started to teach herself to quilt. She has always sewn things for herself and for […]

5 to 1

I love it when people write lists on their blogs. It’s fun to read random facts you might not yet have known about the other person. Really liked this list on my friend’s blog so I decided to give it a go as well.   5 THINGS THAT I THINK ABOUT A LOT Returning back to […]