Monthly Archives: October 2013

Pumpkin shananigans

I’ve never really been in to Halloween. It’s not a Swiss tradition however due to all the American TV programs and movies there’s always some kids that feel like they should go around trick and treating. We never had sweets in the house and hence never had anything to give to the kids. On one […]

From Jessie and Hans to a downpour with 2 Connemaras

I’m lying in bed on a Monday morning listening to the rain outside. One of the benefits of working shifts… as there is tons of disadvantages I’m savouring my lazy weekdays off. It’s been a cracker of a week. Chris’ sister Tash graduated from medicine college this summer. As we were in holidays at the […]

The hills are alive with the sound of wedding bells

Yes you read right. This weekend Chris and I were in Salzburg for a wedding. Salzburg is the town where the van Trapps saved their lives by singingly walking over the mountains to Switzerland. At least that’s how the movie and musical “the sound of music” portraits it. My aunt has been living in Salzburg […]

back for the three year anniversary

It’s been ages – well 9 months really – since my last blog post. I didn’t really miss blogging but I the other day I read through my old blog posts and thought to myself: Hey, this is fun. So after many failed attempts of creating a good comeback post I decided to use my […]