Monthly Archives: November 2012

London take two

Yes this year I was lucky enough to make two trips to the English capital. The first time was for the Olympics and last week end I headed over for the 30est birthday of Chris’ cousin. Chris himself was off to Monte Carlo for a stag so I was in treat for a girly weekend. […]

Open doors on stage

If you’ve been following this blog you might have read about the Open Doors gang of the Dublin Central Mission. A group of awesome people coming from such different backgrounds you wouldn’t believe it. Well yesterday night we had an outing. Yes one of our friends joined a musical society and they’re performing this week. […]

Weekend at home – the Dublin home that is

Yes – as you might have guessed from the title – I am one of those blessed people that doesn’t only have one but THREE homes… or I guess even more but we’ll keep it at that for the minute. Everyday home is our lovely appartment in Dublin where I’ve been living for the past […]

Wind in the sails or three days in Norwhich

Last weekend Chris and I went over to England to visit my sister in law and her boyfriend. They’ve recently moved in with each other which meansĀ  no more student flat sharing and hence a guest room for us. I like!! As the weekend before Halloween is a bank holiday weekend in Ireland it means […]