Monthly Archives: October 2012

Opposites attract

It’s said about Geminis that they have a very versatile, multifaced personality. Though I do not really believe in star signs, horoscopes and the lot I can say that this is certainly true for me. I love doing different thigs, I’d love to be able to do everything (not necessairly spending time to learn it […]

New header

  I’ve managed to make a new header for my blog. The IT geeks under you will probably think, haha so what? Well this is a BIG deal for me. I don’t do photoshop and all that fancy stuff. When I make a photoalbum it means scrapbook time. With scissors and glue and markers, stickers, […]

I’m back

Dear readers (if there’s any left?!) I have not forgotten about you or this blog. In fact there are loads of stories and thoughts that I want to share but I’ve been a little busy since my last post… as you can probably imagine. But now wedding and honeymoon are over and I’m back in […]