Monthly Archives: August 2012

One step forward, no step back

And it’s done! After 5 hours of sewing and cutting, a liter of ice tea, one lollipop, a sore back and a looooot of dressing/undressing my wedding dress is finished. I love it so much I wanna wear it from now until the wedding. But sadly that’s not possible. So it’s back in it’s bag […]

Wedding dress

I’m sure every girl will agree with me that wearing the perfect outfit is a good start to having a great day/night. Now obviously on your wedding that makes the dress even more important as EVERYONE will be looking at you. Don’t get me wrong I love to be the center of attention. Hehe. But […]

2 Weeks

Yes in two weeks the Handschin-Corballis friends and family will be trekking by car, boat, bicycle (!!) and plane to the lovely town of Cashel on the beautiful green island of Ireland. The preperations are running on full speed now hence lately I haven’t been very active on my blog. But the first half of […]

New Design

Yep I have a new design… again. The other one was misbehaving so it had to be done 🙂

London 2012

I’ve always loved the Olympics. Even though my sports ambitions never brought anywhere near a level to compete even on a national level. It’s just a magical time of three weeks dedicated to sports be it summer or winter. There’s a special spirit about it and I was absolutely over the moon to get a […]