Monthly Archives: July 2012

Exciting weekend plans

If you “follow” me on facebook or Instagramm you obviously know this already but for everybody else: CHRIS AND I ARE GOING TO THE OLYMPICS!! Yes I know. Sooo exciting. But it gets better. We have tickets for Crosscountry day. For non riders, that’s where crazy people jump massive jumps made from natural material so […]

New design

Felt like a new brighter and more cheerful design. Pic was taken by my darling fiancé, theme is called twenty eleven, provided by wordpress. You like?

Holidays at home

Time flies, it’s unreal. But I guess it’s a good complaint cause it means I’m busy and I like being busy. It’s already over a week since I’m back from Switzerland and my travel report is well overdue. I’ve decided to just let some picture speak for the fab time I’ve had… of course with […]

Back home

Hey peeps Back home in Ireland after an amazing time in Switzerland. Really busy with work and stuff this week… well mainly catching up quality time with my darling darling fiancĂ©e and destroying myself on the pole after an idle week of no exercise. But full holiday update with pictures and all the latest drama […]

and I’m off

Do you know that feeling of excitement before going away on a trip. The butterflies in your tummy, the insomnia, the early waking, the slight last minute stress, … I love this anticipation, the holiday groove before you’ve even left the house. But there’s even more to that. When Chris and I started dating I […]

A day at the races

As kids we used to love the Marx brothers – and I still do. For those who have never heard of them they’re an American comedy trio from the time of black and white movies. One of our all time favourites was called “a day at the races”. It obviously takes part in the fascintating […]