Monthly Archives: May 2012

This thing called SRNC

It’s a week now since I came home from the SRNC in Romania. Sleep deprived, dirty, hung over but oh so happy. The week in Romania was so amazing I actually only took 68 pictures because I was just too busy enjoying myself. In this post I’d like to give you a little insight what […]


Last spring Chris and I went to the SRNC (student riders nation cup) in Romania. It was the first competition held in Romania and it was amazing! Well guess where I’m going today?! Yep. Romania. I simply cannot wait. Sadly the weather forecast is not as fantastic as last year but still it will be […]

My days on Instagram

A few months ago a friend of mince introduced me to the Instagram App for smartphones. It’s a photo app where you can take pictures add a few special effects and then share them with your friends either just on Instagram or on fb, etc as well. Kinda like tweeting in pics. Then the same […]

a weekend away

Last weekend Chris and I planned to go to the International Horse Trials in Badminton. It’s a 4**** event (for non horsey peeps: competition where everybody does dressage, showjumping and crosscountry). It’s a very prestigious competition and we knew a few people who were qualified to ride and then of course loads that just went […]